Mon. Aug. 3, 2015
There is a terrific ARTICLE about the current state of diversity within the gaming community, particularly the competitive circuits, addressing the myriad issues that are of utmost importance to us as we develop Living Starship and continue work on ElfQuest expansions.

We hope to make the social environment surrounding our Living Starship game the most diverse and inclusive that the industry has ever seen.

Fri. Jul. 3, 2015
We are starting preliminary design work on the first ElfQuest Adventure Game expansion (working title - “Sorrow’s End) and need your help in choosing which characters appear as fully playable cards in the set.

Take the  SURVEY

Thu. Jul. 2, 2015
We have uploaded a new version of the ElfQuest Adventure Game rule book HERE as a downloadable PDF. Happy 4th of July to all our American fans and friends!

Tue. May. 26, 2015
We want to sincerely thank everyone who stopped by out table at Denver Comic Con this last weekend. It was so much fun talking to ElfQuest fans new and old who sought us out.

It is very exciting for us to see the intense interest so many people have for our upcoming (and very ambitious) project - Living Starship. We will be embarking on public play-testing of the tabletop version very soon here in Denver so keep an eye on this website and Facebook for details.

Wed. April. 29, 2015
We have posted a Quick Reference guide to the basic rules of play for the ElfQuest Adventure Game HERE.

And we have come up with a completely new, faster and friskier mechanics set for HOUSEBOY the Board Game. So stay tuned for further details as work on the second edition progresses.

Mon. April. 20, 2015
We have started compiling the F.A.Q. document for the ElfQuest Adventure Game.

Wed. April. 15, 2015
We have posted a “quick & dirty” video of one season of sample play of the ElfQuest Adventure Game here.

Mon. April. 13, 2015
The ElfQuest Adventure Game is available. Check your nearest comic shop or game store for a copy today! 

Sun. Feb. 22, 2015
Check out episodes of the geeky gab show, Color Pop Talk Shop.

And…word is that the strike is more or less over on the West Coast so maybe the ElfQuest Adventure Games will get unloaded this week. Let’s hope so!

In the meantime, we’ve been hard at work on developing and play testing the Criterion RPG system.

Mender sample sheet

Tue. Feb. 10, 2015
GAYme Night at the Black Crown Lounge tonight from 7-9 pm!

Bring your favorite tabletop games or learn/play Star Realms and Drag Show with us!.

Wed. Feb. 4, 2015
Thursday, FEB 5 will be the last day you can preorder copies of the Elfquest game from us through BackerKit:

Alternately, If you are a Kickstarter backer, you automatically are in the BackerKit system and you can login to your account there and add additional copies of the game to your BackerKit rewards. The deadline the same.

Mon. Dec. 1, 2014
For those of you who received the Print-and-Play digital reward for your Kickstarter support of the ElfQuest game, we have just sent a PDF of the back sides of the cards to the BackerKit folk. They should be sending out the link to claim this digital file very soon.

In other news, it’s been quite a while, but last night we had a creative burst and made a breakthrough in development of the Living Starship game! Stay tuned for more details as things progress on that front.

Tue. Nov. 4, 2014
The ElfQuest Adventure Game prototype just arrived from the manufacturer overseas and we are very pleased with the results. The heft of the box is satisfying, the matte finish feels nice and the punchboard tokens are excellent. Really loving the molded tray to hold the components and the color makes the artwork pop nicely. We can’t wait for you all to get your copies. The print run should be under way shortly!

IMG 1785
IMG 1786
IMG 1787

Tue. Oct. 14, 2014
A few pieces of news to share:

The finalized files have all been uploaded to the printer in China for the ElfQuest Adventure Game. Now we get to play the waiting game for manufacturing and then shipping and then customs……<le sigh>.

Starting October 21st, we will be hosting a tabletop game night every other Tuesday at the Black Crown Lounge in Denver. We will feature our own games plus all sorts of other card, board and dice games that we love. The goal is to expose people to games they may never have seen before, promote social interaction and meet new people - maybe even making new friends.

We are working in partnership with The Wizard’s Chest game and costume store, a longtime Denver favorite store for games, outfits, toys and more!

GAYme Night poster

Fri. Aug 22, 2014
The updated rule book for the ElfQuest Adventure game is now downloadable in PDF formate HERE

Wed. Aug 13, 2014
For all the $100 level backers on the ElfQuest Kickstarter campaign, we have posted a LIST of all the character and hand cards that are available to have your name printed upon. We will be sending out the end of campaign survey from Kickstarter on Thursday, Aug 14th which will include questions for you to select your top 4 character choices.

Moonshade club

Tue. Aug 12, 2014
It’s officially a wrap on the funding campaign for the official ElfQuest® Adventure Game! $47,512!!!

Now it’s time to do all the book-keeping and info collecting so that we make sure you all get your copies of the game plus all the extra goodies that your support has garnered.

HappyNewYear2012 copy

Thu. Aug 7, 2014
Aayooooaaah! You’ve done it. We’ve reached the sweet spot in our funding needs to get a decent-sized print run of the ElfQuest Adventure Game done. We ought to be able to get it into the hands of distributors both dometically in the US and some abroad as well.

We want to give a massive hug to all the supporters, the EQ fans and Wendy & Richard Pini for making this thing real! A lot of time, money sweat and tears has gone into getting the game to this point and it’s all been worth it.

I, Layman Kingsford, am doing a dance of celebtration in my living room right now and in my mind it looks like the picture below, but in reality it’s just my small dog and me and she’s staring at me wondering if I need help, or at least need to be licked.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.35.43 PM

Sun. Jul 20, 2014
There is still time to vote for three of the characters to be included in the ElfQuest Adventure Game starter set. The Kickstarter campaign, and this voting poll, are active until August 12th, 2014. So get your votes in now by clicking HERE.

Tue. Jul 15, 2014
It’s been an amazing 2 days! Not only did our ElfQuest game get funded in 28.5 hours, but we are on our way to bigger and better production! ElfQuest fans are proving themselves to be a truly amazing and supportive lot. We love you already!

And at the time of this writing (11am MST), someone on the Kickstarter staff has chosen the game as a “Staff Pick”.  (

Sun. Jul 13, 2014
It’s finally in the birthing stage! The ELfQuest Kickstarter campaign is live. There are now 30 days for you to pledge your support and to get your copy of the game ordered! Click on the image below:


Thu. Jun 19, 2014
We are just about ready to send out a first peek at the opening of the very first Living Starship story - “Oblivion’s Light” by Lauren Hershey. It centers on Fleet Science Corporal Cera Cantuur as she is rescued from an exploding shuttle craft by a mysterious group of assassins. What becomes of her life next will forever alter her, both in love and in destiny.

If you want to get a sneak peek sign up for the Living Starship Fan mailing list by sending your name and email address to info@CheekyDingo dot com with Living Starship Fan List in the subject line.

Mon. Jun 16, 2014
Denver Comic Con is a wrap. What a great weekend it was.

IMG 1543

I want to thank our helpers - christened the Cheeky Dingettes and the Dingo Dudes - who assisted is manning our booth all weekend. Luke, Lauren, Heather, Jared, Katie, Jim and James - you are all rock stars and I am grateful for your friendship, support and assistance.

It was also terrific to meet all the ElfQuest fans who sought us out. You are truly some lovely people and we enjoyed sharing our elf geekness with you. And just as rewarding are all the folk who have taken such an avid interest in our Living Starship project. Stay tuned on that front as there are so many exciting developments coming on that front that we are near to bursting at the seems with anticipation.

Fri. Jun 6, 2014
Denver Comic Con is next weekend and Cheeky Dingo will be there. We have a booth and game demo space in the gaming arena (lower level of the convention center).  

We will have ElfQuest, Living Starship, HouseBoy, Drag Show and Dog Walker all available to play. We will also have copies of Drag Show (which you can even get signed by artist Stan Yan while at the con), Dog Walker and both versions of HouseBoy for sale along with a few fun HouseBoy specialty items.

Mon. May 5, 2014
At long last, progress is being made on the Living Starship game front. We’re diving back in with a new direction to take the game. It will still eventually work as a Massive Multi-Player live action game, but it’s going to start out its life as a tabletop
card game.

Each player will construct a deck of 70 cards out of 10 card Division sets (command, tactical, operations, engineering, medical, science and flight). Each will also have a ship card and a commanding officer card and a second deck of 10 location cards (ship departments such ss the bridge, main engineering, gun abtteries, etc.).

We have also been retooling the look of the fleet uniforms:

CoP Fleet Uniforms

drag show logo
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