Fri. Aug 22, 2014
The updated rule book for the ElfQuest Adventure game is now downloadable in PDF formate HERE

Wed. Aug 13, 2014
For all the $100 level backers on the ElfQuest Kickstarter campaign, we have posted a LIST of all the character and hand cards that are available to have your name printed upon. We will be sending out the end of campaign survey from Kickstarter on Thursday, Aug 14th which will include questions for you to select your top 4 character choices.

Moonshade club

Tue. Aug 12, 2014
It’s officially a wrap on the funding campaign for the official ElfQuest® Adventure Game! $47,512!!!

Now it’s time to do all the book-keeping and info collecting so that we make sure you all get your copies of the game plus all the extra goodies that your support has garnered.

HappyNewYear2012 copy

Thu. Aug 7, 2014
Aayooooaaah! You’ve done it. We’ve reached the sweet spot in our funding needs to get a decent-sized print run of the ElfQuest Adventure Game done. We ought to be able to get it into the hands of distributors both dometically in the US and some abroad as well.

We want to give a massive hug to all the supporters, the EQ fans and Wendy & Richard Pini for making this thing real! A lot of time, money sweat and tears has gone into getting the game to this point and it’s all been worth it.

I, Layman Kingsford, am doing a dance of celebtration in my living room right now and in my mind it looks like the picture below, but in reality it’s just my small dog and me and she’s staring at me wondering if I need help, or at least need to be licked.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.35.43 PM

Sun. Jul 20, 2014
There is still time to vote for three of the characters to be included in the ElfQuest Adventure Game starter set. The Kickstarter campaign, and this voting poll, are active until August 12th, 2014. So get your votes in now by clicking HERE.

Tue. Jul 15, 2014
It’s been an amazing 2 days! Not only did our ElfQuest game get funded in 28.5 hours, but we are on our way to bigger and better production! ElfQuest fans are proving themselves to be a truly amazing and supportive lot. We love you already!

And at the time of this writing (11am MST), someone on the Kickstarter staff has chosen the game as a “Staff Pick”.  (

Sun. Jul 13, 2014
It’s finally in the birthing stage! The ELfQuest Kickstarter campaign is live. There are now 30 days for you to pledge your support and to get your copy of the game ordered! Click on the image below:


Thu. Jun 19, 2014
We are just about ready to send out a first peek at the opening of the very first Living Starship story - “Oblivion’s Light” by Lauren Hershey. It centers on Fleet Science Corporal Cera Cantuur as she is rescued from an exploding shuttle craft by a mysterious group of assassins. What becomes of her life next will forever alter her, both in love and in destiny.

If you want to get a sneak peek sign up for the Living Starship Fan mailing list by sending your name and email address to info@CheekyDingo dot com with Living Starship Fan List in the subject line.

Mon. Jun 16, 2014
Denver Comic Con is a wrap. What a great weekend it was.

IMG 1543

I want to thank our helpers - christened the Cheeky Dingettes and the Dingo Dudes - who assisted is manning our booth all weekend. Luke, Lauren, Heather, Jared, Katie, Jim and James - you are all rock stars and I am grateful for your friendship, support and assistance.

It was also terrific to meet all the ElfQuest fans who sought us out. You are truly some lovely people and we enjoyed sharing our elf geekness with you. And just as rewarding are all the folk who have taken such an avid interest in our Living Starship project. Stay tuned on that front as there are so many exciting developments coming on that front that we are near to bursting at the seems with anticipation.

Fri. Jun 6, 2014
Denver Comic Con is next weekend and Cheeky Dingo will be there. We have a booth and game demo space in the gaming arena (lower level of the convention center).  

We will have ElfQuest, Living Starship, HouseBoy, Drag Show and Dog Walker all available to play. We will also have copies of Drag Show (which you can even get signed by artist Stan Yan while at the con), Dog Walker and both versions of HouseBoy for sale along with a few fun HouseBoy specialty items.

Mon. May 5, 2014
At long last, progress is being made on the Living Starship game front. We’re diving back in with a new direction to take the game. It will still eventually work as a Massive Multi-Player live action game, but it’s going to start out its life as a tabletop
card game.

Each player will construct a deck of 70 cards out of 10 card Division sets (command, tactical, operations, engineering, medical, science and flight). Each will also have a ship card and a commanding officer card and a second deck of 10 location cards (ship departments such ss the bridge, main engineering, gun abtteries, etc.).

We have also been retooling the look of the fleet uniforms:

CoP Fleet Uniforms

Mon. April 28, 2014
Just last week there was a creative epiphany on the Living Starship™ game front. The very first playtest of the very first (admittedly skeletal) mockup transpired yesterday. We are now modeling the game as a card-based strategy game. In play style in will work in the same vein as CCG/LCG games (such as Game of Thrones® and Netrunner®) but will tie slosely in with the publsihed stories and convention play as well. Stay tuned….we’re very excited about how this is shaping up!!!

Mon. April 7, 2014
So, we are using a couple of the covers from the Marvel editions of the EQ comics. Issue #1 will be used for the box top and issue #2 for the cover of the rules book. Since Wendy never colored them (they were done by someone at Marvel, I presume) we have to get the original art colored for our own purposes.

Luckily, the AMAZING Rene Luke is available. She says she wasn't much of a fan of the flat colors Marvel used so she's coloring these pieces with all the glory of contemporary digitalization and her singular talent. 


Sat. March 8, 2014 
Some significant new elements have been added to the ElfQuest Adventure game along with an overhau of the layout of all character and hand cards. You can read the updated rules HERE. 

The newest aspect is the addition of Growth tokens (to be printed on the reverse side of the Effort tokens) which can be equated to “experience points” that you might find in other games. Growth tokens are awarded for completing some events and scenarios and are then spent to “upgrade” your character card and eventually to acquire new hand cards as well.

Wed. February 19, 2014 
The complete rule booklet for the ElfQuest Adventure Card Game is now available for download HERE.

Thur. February 13, 2014 
Excitement is in the air here at Cheeky Dingo. The prototype of the ElfQuest Adventure Card Game just arrived! Go to the ElfQuest game page to see a quick video tour of the components. 

IMG 1398

Tue. January 28, 2014 
Hopefully you all have been keeping tabs on the development process of the revamped ElfQuest Adventure Game with us on Facebook. We are getting close to getting a full prototype printed in the next week or so.  Next, we’ll be launching a pre-order campaign - a la Kickstarter - which means we ought to be able to have copies of the game in your hot little hands by spring (since the current plan is to have them printed here in the US).

Wed. January 8, 2014 
So after taking an extended break over the holidays to rejuvinate our creative juices, we have begun working on a new version of the ElfQuest Adventure Game. We are setting aside the board game rendition and in its place, and already it's very exciting, is the ElfQuest Adventure Card Game. We have wanted to address the issues of complexity (both in the structure of the board game and in the quantity and cost of components) so we have streamlined the entire thing.

The emerging result is a dramatic reduction in pieces and parts (it's now almost entirely cards and wooden cubes) and gameplay is significantly more accessible for non-gamers.

Here's a peek (n very rough draft) at how the character cards are shaping up.


Sat. November 30, 2013 

Get your game ORDERS in now if you want copies for the holidays.

Wed. November 6, 2013
We will be in the San Francisco Bay Area on the weekend of November 16th.  Come join us at Games of Berkeley to get a sneak peek at the ElfQuest Adventure Game.

Here is the link to the event page on Facebook.

Wed. August 28, 2013
The Band Camp card game is now in full development mode! Not only is it a fun, easy and co-operative game for anyone who loves the experience of playing in a musical ensemble, but the cards double as a regular poker deck.

And on top of that, if you are a member or director of a concert band, you can have a unique set of cards designed featuring photos of your ensembles' members and sell copies of the base game and your expansion as a fundraiser for your organization!

Tue. August 13, 2013
The base set for Dog Walker - A Family Board Game is now available for purchase through our shop! And remember, if you want to immoratilze your dog in one of the upcoming expansion packs of cards, send us your photos.

DW shop backdrop

Wed. June 12, 2013
The full rules are now uploaded to the site for the ElfQuest Adventure Game.  Peruse them at your convenience and feel free to offer feed back via our Facebook page.

Mon. June 3, 2013
The professionally printed working beta edition of the ElfQuest Adventure Game just arrived.  It looks so purty in shrink wrap…kinda hate to open it….but must see how all the components turned out!

IMG 1153
IMG 1154

Fri. May 24, 2013
Happy Memorial Day weekend to all our fans in the USA!

In other news....about one week left before the Dog Walker Board Game is finalized. We still need 10 more dog pictures (ideally 7 girls and 3 boys) for the walkable cards. This is a great way to immortalize your beloved pet!

Could use some action and/or fun and/or whimsical dog pics for the action cards (in particular one that could depict "Burr in Fur").

Send pictures to info @ CheekyDingo . com (remove the spaces) and include the dog's name, breed, gender and who took the photo.


Wed. May 22, 2013
The Cheeky Dingo banner has arrived.  Now we are getting close to being ready for Denver Comic Con on May 31st.  Stop by our table in the gaming area (downstairs) to see a demo of any of our games, including the world premier peek at the ElfQuest Adventure Game!

IMG 1126

Sun. May 5, 2013
After playtesting this week we fundamentally changed how information is presented to the players on Quest cards.  Click here to take a look:

Mon. April 29, 2013
Today we're going to talk about the dice and the task resolution system that is the beating heart of the ElfQuest Adventure Game.

Fri. April 19, 2013
The base edition of the ElfQuest Adventure Game will feature 12 primary character cards (don't worry, most of the other characters from the Original Quest story will have versions as Ally cards).  Future expansions of the game will usher in Primary Character versions for everyone.

If this first set includes Cutter, Skywise, Leetah and Rayek, who else would you like to see fill out the other 8 spots on the roster?  You can share your opinion on our Facebook page or email us.

Cutter card

Wed. April 17, 2013
Examine the fourth and last type of card in the ElfQuest Adventure game - the Quest cards.

Fri. April 12, 2013
Get a peek at the workings of the greatly anticipated ElfQuest Adventure Game. Characters, Allies and Skills are outlined and explained.

Sat. April 6, 2013
Layman Kingsford got to promote our Dog Walker game in the Denver area at a mini UnPub event sponsored by Enchanted Grounds and CarTrunk Enterprises.

Dog Walker at UnPub
Dog Walker game at UnPub mini

(Notice that Layman Kingsford is wearing a white HouseBoy t-shirt as subtle and shameless cross-promotion)

Thu. April 4, 2013
Our most exctiing announcement to date!

Cheeky Dingo Games is proud, nay honored, to announce that we are producing the official ElfQuest® Adventure Game.  This year marks the 35th anniversary of the first publication of the seminal fantasy series that spear-headed the independant comic market in the late 70's. 

Game designer Layman Kingsford thought this a propicious time to bring forth unto the fans a new and amazing way to experience the World of Two Moons.  (He is secretly wetting his pants a little bit every time he realizes he is getting to work with the Pinis and the World of Two Moons).

ElfQuest Game image2

So click on the image above for more details about this exciting project and how you can follow and participate in its creation.

Fri. March 29, 2013
We will be presenting "live action" versions of both Drag Show the Contentious Drinking Game and HouseBoy the Board Game on the main stage this June at Denver Pride!  

And it gets even better, Andrew Christian is sponsoring us so the boys will be in super cute undies on stage.


Sat. March 23, 2013
We just came across an amazing artist who has embarked on creating a graphic novel we think some of fans might enjoy.  It's a homo-erotic story of the fae and the artworkk is gorgeous.  

So check out Dante's Fire by Wldehart on Tumblr by clicking the sample image below (we covered up the naughty bits for our website).

Tue. February 26, 2013
The Drag Show Drinking Game creator, Layman Kingsford, drawn in zombicature style by Drag Show artist, Stan Yan.  Layman is about to chow down on Stan's tasty and talented brains.

IMG 0151

Mon. February 18, 2013
Cheeky Dingo games and Layman Kingsford will be presenting their full line of games at Denver Comic Con this May 31-June 2.  Stop by and play a set, buy a copy of get something signed!  We will have convention-only promo cards for all our games.

Drag Show artist, Stan Yan, will also be in attendance.  

AND….the super secret comic-related game project that we can't name just yet, will be unveiled to the public for the first time!  Stay tuned…

Mon. January 28, 2013
We made a small change to the HouseBoy Board Game rules.  The action of "Seduction" (which is when the HouseBoys do a little strip tease for the camera) has been changed to "ShowOff".  The corresponding action cards have been re-worded accordingly.

watch this trick

Fri. January 25, 2013
We're busy getting geared up for the International Toy Fair in New York City and there are some EXCITING projects on our hot plate right now.  There are some deals in the works that may come to fruition in New York, so stay tuned.  

In the meantime, please send in the photos of your dogs to make sure they get included in the first printing of Dog Walker.

Sun. January 6, 2013
You can download the rules for the unique HouseBoy Party Games!

Thu. January 3, 2013
Happy New Year.  As production for Dog Walker is kicking into gear, we really need photos of your dogs.  If you want to immortalize your precious pooch as one of the walkable dog cards in the game then send us your favorite photo with the dog's name, gender, breed and the neighborhood you live in.  Click HERE.

Tue. January 1, 2013
Happy New Year!  How about this for a resolution:

Play 1 new game every month.  Your brain will thank you for the experience.

Mon. December 23, 2012
While you have your cameras out over the holidays, take photos of your dear dogs and send a good one to us.  Dog Walker the family Board Game will be going into production soon and it needs to fill out the deck of dog cards featuring real dogs!

Sat. December 22, 2012
At long last, Drag Show the Contentious Drinking Game IS available for sale!!


Wed. December 19, 2012
At long last, Drag Show the Contentious Drinking Game and a new version of HouseBoy Party Games will be available in print and for sale!!

Sun. December 9, 2012
Fun new smart phone apps being designed to release in 2013 including a word game utilizing the vehicle license plates of the USA, new itterations of classic dice games like Yatzy, Backgammon and more.  Stay tuned…. 

Tue. October 16, 2012
We just uploaded the title sequence for the first episode of the Gay Misadventures of Jim, Julie and Jon.  You can watch it on Facebook and "like" the page while you're there if you so desire.  Click HERE.

Tue. September 18, 2012
We stayed up half the night hashing out a concept for a new Malazan game using cards and polyhedral dice.  The dice rules are based on our unique dice mechanic system and will make all the adventure, war, magic and tragedy of Steven Erikson's and Ian Esselmont's fantasy world come alive.

It will be playable by 1-4 people meaning it's a cooperative game, though there may be ways to make it contentious as well.

Fri. September 7, 2012
Here's the new Gay Misadventure logo.  We just launched a Facebook page for the show.  Please go "like" it!

Tue. August 20, 2012
In Episode 1 of the Gay Misadventures Jim, Julie and Jon have to coerce a street bum into joining them at a charity event dressed as the classic Scooby Gang.  
(This episode is currently in production, stay tuned….)

Mon. July 16, 2012
Stay tuned for all the details about the Stonewall Contender Fitness Challenge.  The first web series dedicated to the health and fitness (physical, mental and social) of Denver's LGBT community.


Sun. July 8, 2012
Pre-production and scripting of the first episodes of the Gay Misadventures is underway and the plan is to have them online this fall!

gay adventure logo

Tue. July 3, 2012
The sample copies of Drag Show arrived today!  We'll get them assembled with Glam Tokens and Rules and have them up for sale very very soon.

Fri. June 29, 2012
A small handful of sample copies of Drag Show the Contentious Drinking Game just shipped from Hong Kong.  We're thinking about throwing a special party here in Denver when they arrive.

drag show logo

Tue. June 19, 2012
So after a great weekend of two terrific Denver events - Gay Pride and Comic Con - we are starting to gear up for the music video production for Drag Show.  It's gonna be zombie-tastic!

Wed. June 7, 2012
We got word last night that the HouseBoy app was rejected by Apple.  It appears they want it to be listed for ages 17+ due to "frequent" adult references as opposed to the "infrequent" category that we had listed it in.

Folks, this is a dice game where two-thirds of the dice actions are doing cleaning and fixing chores and one-third is "hookups".  How does that math add up to "Frequent"?

We resubmitted it with the 17+ rating.  Hopefully that fixes Apple's disapproval, though now we likely have to wait another week.

Wed. May 30, 2012
The free version of the HouseBoy iPhone app was submitted to Apple today.  So, hopefully within a week or so it should be available on iTunes!

HB appstore icon

Mon. May 7, 2012
A few cards and one rule in basic play have been updated for the Malazan Empire Card Game. Check the game page's side bar for the breakdown.

Sun. May 6, 2012
Just did a 2 person playtest of the Malazan Card Game concept.  Stay tuned here for some updates and tweaks over the next few days. 

Wed. May 2, 2012
Click here to take a peek at the "alpha" draft of the unofficial Malazan mpire Card Game.

Tue. Apr. 3, 2012
Fine, fine, fine.  We would never want to leave the orchestra folk wanting.  We'll make this game too.


Mon. Apr. 2, 2012
Had a smashing idea for a series of smart phone app games: BAND GEEK! 

You'll get to recruit members for your ensemble (band, orchestra or choir), make sure they rehearse (practice, practice, practice) and then audition against other player's ensembles for the gigs that pay in XP (experience points).

We may even be able to make it so that you and other friends can share ensemble members or sec
tions to form the ultimate performance groups!

You'll get to arrange the music for your group, if you so desire, and actually listen to your version! Perform the classics as well as new and original compositions.

Stay tuned for more details!


Mon. Mar. 12, 2012
IF you have "liked" us on Facebook, you can get a glimpse of the new HouseBoy commercial before we air it on the inter webs and whatnot.

Mon. Feb.27, 2012
Check out the new iPhone case designs for HouseBoy celebrating the impending release of the app.

drag show logo
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